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May 2019

"Ryan Carney visited my students at Hill Middle School in Naperville, IL on two different occasions, and gave them workshops on how to improvise to music. This last time, he started with a video I had selected that he had never seen before, from which he captured shadings of the melody and rhythm and showed the students, both in basic, and more advanced ways, how they could figure out notes, scales, melody, and rhythm to accompany the music on the rock video. He modeled improvisation on both his cello and bass. The students were inspired to try to improvise on their own, and he allowed me to select some students to try what he had just illustrated. The students could clearly see how they can also be improvisers and what type of skills that they should practice to become better at making music. He gave them techniques for scale practice as it relates to creating music as well. I even took away new ideas for my own practice.


Ryan is a top-notch musician in classical, jazz and rock forms. He has a great personality to inspire and entertain young students! My students enjoyed listening to him play and thinking of ways that they can use their instruments in alternative musical forms. 


I recommend Ryan to any music program that is looking for a highly personable, and superb musician to illustrate any style of music or musical concept to their students."

Loretta Valentin

School District 204, Orchestra Teacher

Hill Middle School, Naperville, IL

“Our oldest son Enzo has been Ryan’s student for almost a year now. His desire to perform at the highest level prompted us to look specifically for a double bass private teacher that could help him on his journey. Based on a strong recommendation from Enzo’s previous teacher, we chose Ryan. Over the course of a year, Enzo has made incredible progress and is now part of the highest strings orchestra in his high school sophomore year. Needless to say, Ryan is a major contributor to that result. His profound knowledge of the instrument, approachable teaching style and positive attitude keep Enzo engaged and striving to do his best. Not to mention, the young man is always looking forward to his next lesson!”


Eduardo, Parent of private string bass student

Naperville, IL

We met Ryan Carney through our kids' music teacher about a year ago. At that time, my oldest son, was a freshman in high school ready to switch to a more experienced bass teacher. In one year Ryan was able to help him move from the second lower string orchestra to the highest string orchestra level. Ryan is very friendly, encouraging and inspiring. He was able to point out weaknesses with kindness, suggesting innovative ways to overcome challenges, and create engaging ways to work on activities like playing scales or honing fine motor skills. Ryan has the ability of making hour lessons very interesting, smooth and fun. Ryan will also be giving cello lessons to my other son who is very excited about it. I can only thank Ryan for being this amazing teacher and human being.


Roberta, Parent of private string bass student

Naperville, IL

5/25/2019 - Wedding Performance
Ryan was incredibly intentional- not only as a musician but also as a friend to make sure that our wedding music matched our vision. He went above and beyond to cater to what we loved musically and was a hit thru the event with those around him. Friends still talk about his performance and presence months later. Thank you, Ryan! If you are looking for a talented artist who cares about the event chemistry and mood- Ryan will go above and beyond to keep the music right and energy high.
Michael & Maddie Kastel
St. Charles, IL
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