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Welcome! As a life-long contributing member of the Fox Valley community and Chicagoland music scene, this site is intended to provide a more intimate perspective about my involvement in the community. Whether it's music, community service, or real estate, my mission is to engage with people in my local communities to help bridge personal and business connections that help our community thrive and make it unique.

Antony And The Tramps are in the midst of releasing a full album of songs representing the work we've been up to in our studio since our last release, Digital Arms; 2015. We're proud to present one song each month throughout 2019.  


Please share and comment directly in YouTube where the songs are featured. Let us know what you think.

Released: 3/1/2019

Released: 4/1/2019

Released: 4/29/2019

Released: 5/31/2019

Ryan's Upcoming Shows

Villa Verone

Sunday December 1, 6pm| Geneva, IL

Cello Trio featuring Shannon Adams (Piano) & Chris Palmerin (Cajon)

* * * Raffling a free holiday performance at your home holiday party

Christmas Fireside Music

Sunday  December 15 | Naperville, IL

Community Chamber String Ensemble

St. Charles History Museum

Friday November 8 6pm| St. Charles, IL

Cello Trio featuring Shannon Adams (Piano) & Chris Palmerin (Cajon)

Three Springs Barn

Saturday October 26 | Lancaster, WI

Antony +The Tramps

Private Wedding

October 19

Random Acts Matter Fundraiser

Sunday September 15  2:15 - 3:05pm | St. Charles, IL​

Solo Cello

The Venue

Saturday September 7 | Aurora, IL

Antony +The Tramps

Livia Italian Eatery

Sunday August 18 | Geneva, IL

Two Brothers Barrel House

Saturday August 10  8 - 10pm | Naperville, IL

Cello Trio featuring Shannon Adams (Piano) & Chris Palmerin (Cajon)

Brady Street Festival

Saturday July 27 | Milwaukee, WI

Antony +The Tramps

Rivers Edge Bar & Grill

Saturday July 16 | Batavia, IL

Solo Cello, Dinner & Drinks Music, Outdoor Patio

St. Charles History Museum

Friday July 12 | St. Charles, IL

featured with Dave Ramont

Released: 7/31/2019

Released: 10/14/2019

Music for Kids